Sneak Peek for Mlle. L

Horses. Farms. And a dash of golden glow. You can imagine my excitement when Mlle. L. said she wanted a sneak peek and that she'll "take any kind!" Pretty much the best way to start fall boudoir season ever! I'll save her story for the official blog post… but it's always an honor when clients trust you to execute their vision. Beautiful inside and out, Mlle. L. knew what she wanted from the start, and that alone was a ton of fun to plan, even when my stubbornness kicked in to find the perfect location for her! (Great news, a farm with horses and great scenery for boudoir exists right here in Hampton Roads! :) )

Thank you to Susanne of Best Face Forward and Holly of We'll Cut You Salon for making this a vision come true for Mlle. L. and for their rescheduling magic when we had not so great weather on the original date! And thank you, Mlle. L., for trusting me with your session every step of the way. ♥

Sabbatical from Boudoir

Oh, hello, unfortunate not-so-updated blog! It's been a really busy wedding season as a wedding photographer and new wedding blog editor this year (yay but not yay), so I've had go on a bit of a boudoir sabbatical until the Fall. With the inquiries coming in, thank you! And to those who said "I'll wait for you!" that means the world to me and can't wait for your session later this year!

If you are looking for an immediate boudoir session, I am more than happy to refer to some of my wonderful boudoir photographer friends who share a similar passion and vision that I do. Just drop me an email, and I'd be happy to help!

Most women who book their sessions with me plan at least 3-6 months in advance, so I am currently booking for Fall and Winter 2014. Availability is limited, so if the desire to do a session is still in its early stages, contacting me now rather than later is sure to guarantee you a spot!

Thanks so much for your continued support and trust! I may be a little distant on this blog, but I'm always just an email away! :)

- Chelsea :)

Mlle. C | Virginia Beach Boudoir Photography

Her story is a pretty incredible one as it's one of adopting to give a child a better life, undergoing continuous medical roadblocks, and growing a beautiful long-distance relationship. Mlle. C was just inspiring on so many levels, and like many of us, we don't let life get away from being anything but wonderful. So even though her session was a gift for her fiancé and she had the typical session-day jitters, I think she rocked it-- for herself!

Many thanks to The Studio Hampton Roads and Veil Studios for providing the scenery and beauty! :)