Sneak Peek for Mlle. K

A lover of black and white and all things potato, Mlle. K is a beautiful soul, inside and out. With five months of planning and curating wardrobe ideas and channeling classic women of the silver screen and beyond, her session was simply perfect. When a photographer hears the words "I just want the professionals to take care of everything," well, it's kinda magical.

Mlle. K, it is no wonder you have stolen a certain Mr. M's heart; you are a rare jewel with a heart of absolute gold. (And I don't just say that because you love cats! Though we all know that pretty much makes you an awesome human. ;) ) I cannot wait to share the rest of these photos with you because oh my goodness! Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, move on over!

Many thanks to Jennifer Saunders for her hair and makeup beauty skills in turning this already beautiful gal into a classic modern day Brigitte Bardot! And a special thanks to friend and past Persuasion lady Veronica for assisting and just being her. Today was surrounded by friends, beauty, and good times. And those are the best kinds of days.

New Year, New Adventures

Since 2010, it's been a journey. With a sabbatical from boudoir earlier this year to gorgeously adventurous sessions being planned and in the works, I consider myself one blessed gal. Hearing from women all over Virginia looking for a unique and beautiful fine arts experience is one of the best parts about this job and why I continue with boudoir photography no matter if it's the latest trend or not. Beauty is timeless and beauty is classic. That won't ever go out of style!

So this is just a thank you. Even if I'm not the one to execute your boudoir vision, thank you for reaching out and visiting. That means something is working in Googleland, and I appreciate your time! And if I am "the one" for you, I am over the moon humbled you've trusted me to be the one to make your vision a memorable and incredible one!

Here's to an unforgettable 2015 and new adventures! Happy New Year!

- Chelsea :)

Sneak Peek for Mlle. L

Horses. Farms. And a dash of golden glow. You can imagine my excitement when Mlle. L. said she wanted a sneak peek and that she'll "take any kind!" Pretty much the best way to start fall boudoir season ever! I'll save her story for the official blog post… but it's always an honor when clients trust you to execute their vision. Beautiful inside and out, Mlle. L. knew what she wanted from the start, and that alone was a ton of fun to plan, even when my stubbornness kicked in to find the perfect location for her! (Great news, a farm with horses and great scenery for boudoir exists right here in Hampton Roads! :) )

Thank you to Susanne of Best Face Forward and Holly of We'll Cut You Salon for making this a vision come true for Mlle. L. and for their rescheduling magic when we had not so great weather on the original date! And thank you, Mlle. L., for trusting me with your session every step of the way. ♥